The Colored Gemstone Mines to Market 2011
2nd - 3rd November 2011
Hotel Marriott, Jaipur
Key Note Speaker

Mr. Alberto Carlo Milani - CEO of Buccellati

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Master of Ceremony

Mr. Yianni Melas - Famous Gem Explorer & Industry Expert

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The Colored Gemstone Mines to Market is the 1st of its kind in the history of the colored gemstones industry. Jaipur being world renowned centre for its skill and craftsmanship in gemstones is hosting this conference where the eminent personalities of gemstone industry of round the globe along with the world famous miners, gemologist, geologist, gemstone lapidaries and top retailers will be on one stage to discuss the future of the gem & Jewellery industry.

The Council has conceived the Mines to Market Conference, primarily for miners, manufacturers and retailers of Coloured Gemstones. The industry of Jaipur has historically played a key role in the development of the Coloured Gemstone trade, which is having more than 200,000 people involved in this trade. The whole industry is dependent on the import of the rough gemstones from various part of the world. This conference is an effort to bridge the gap between gemstone lapidaries and mining companies. The conference brings together the decision makers of all major players in the Gemstones world from the Mining and Retail ends of the Gemstone pipeline. It will also have participants from important gemological institutes and laboratories, financial institutions and senior representatives of the Governments. The conference will act as an important forum to discuss major issues before the world gemstone community from the mining, gemstone lapidaries, Jewellery manufacturing and retail sectors. The conference has the potential to emerge as a platform for meaningful interaction for forging business ties.

The Conference will cover 4 broad sections, viz.
  1. Mining and Geology
  2. Enhancements, Treatments and other Researches
  3. Branding and Marketing
  4. logistic v finance
The Two day conference will be on 2nd & 3rd November 2011which will cover all the aspects of the global Gem & Jewellery Industry

25 World best speakers with vast knowledge in the international gem & Jewellery industry will share their knowledge and experience.

The 2 day conference will be having the following sessions:
  • Mining & New sources
  • Geology & Potential
  • Discoveries
  • Gemology & Education
  • Treatments & Enhancements
  • Gem Cutting
  • Designing
  • Branding
  • Marketing
The conference will be beneficial to the following:
  • Gem Miners
  • Gem lapidaries
  • Gem Traders
  • Jewellery manufacturers
  • Gemologist
  • Geologist
  • Gem & Jewellery students
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